Welcome to the future home of the Mālama Pono Foundation.

Mālama Pono Foundation exists to perpetuate and grow the reality of Hawaiʻi as a unique place of healing and source of the universal spirit of ALOHA for the world. 


Sharing and evolving the lessons he received from his great-aunt and revered elder Pilahi Paki, ʻAnakala Pono taught so many of us about ALOHA.  Let us continue to grow this legacy of ALOHA for the world.  

We invite you to return to this site over the coming weeks and months, as we curate ʻAnakala Pono Shim’s talks and thoughts along with other Hawaiʻi wisdom sources into a library and resource hub for students and practitioners of ALOHA, past, present and future. 

Oahu Economic Development Board

“Pono was an extraordinary person who defined servant leadership.  He was unconditionally committed to Hawaii and our people, building new connections which unite us and take the conversation to a higher level.  Pono exemplified the values of ALOHA and trained thousands of people in Hawaii and throughout the world in the Aloha Response to practice the values shared by his grand-aunt and revered kupuna, Aunty Pilahi Paki. He was a highly sought teacher and master storyteller.

Among his many accomplishments with the Oahu Economic Development Board, Pono’s efforts brought over $135 million in investment through the New Markets Tax Credit program to community infrastructure projects in Hawaii, assisted hundreds of Hawaii jobseekers during the pandemic find new purpose and careers through the Aloha Connects Innovation program, and redefined successful economic development as a relational rather than transactional model.

Pono would often speak of E Ohana Hou, which is the eternal unleashing of grace – of sharing our individual gifts with the world. He said, “When I share E Ohana Hou, it is actually a declaration of our people. It is time to recover this riddle that is the foundation of who we are and the foundation of the prophecy that Aunty Pilahi Paki gave: “In the 21st century, the world will search for peace and they’ll look to Hawaii because Hawaii has the key and that key is aloha.”

It is our kuleana to implement the ALOHA values that Pono lived, and to build a better, prosperous and more equitable future for Hawaii and our people.” 

— Statement by the Board of Directors, Oahu Economic Development Board